Vintage XL Linear  Gas Fire Pit Table

While many fire pit tables feature a neo-modern design and appeal, there are also those that harken to their campfire roots, with builds that would fit right at home in a rustic outdoor setting. The Vintage XL Linear Gas Fire Pit Table is one of those products.

This is a wooden fire pit table. Yes, you read that right. It’s a fire table designed from wood. As you might expect, the Vintage XL Linear Glass Fire Pit Table is quite unlike any other on the market.

Fiire Analysis

With the Vintage XL Linear Gas Fire Pit Table, we have a unique design, a reclaimed wood build with distressed cedar planks on the siding and a faux wood ceramic tiling up top. This is a particularly special table, since the pickled cedar planking varies with each table, so no two Vintage XL’s are the same.

The faux wood tile top blends in well with the natural wood siding for a well-rounded, classic aesthetic, and the honey glow brown look will temper and improve as the wood continues to age.

A high-quality stainless steel burner set from Crystal Fire® provides a high heat output of 100,500 BTUs, as well as a high flame height via a variable flame control knob on the side of the table along with the ignition.

This wooden fire pit table is custom-made for each order, with options for natural gas or propane hookups. Customers can also choose between a standard push-button ignition, an automatic ignition for an additional $950, or automatic remote-controlled ignition for an additional $1,043. Storage for a standard 20 lb propane tank is available in the base of the fire table.

Of particular interest is an optional glass box casing concealing the flames. A standard flat glass burner cover is also available. At $2,849, this fire table is quite affordable compared to some. With the Vintage Gas Fire Pit Table, consumers are getting a unique distressed wood look that will wear as time goes on, all for a decent price.

Like all Fiire products, the Vintage XL is designed and built right in the USA, by The Outdoor Greatroom Company. It also includes free shipping and a warranty.




What People Say Online

This table isn’t widely reviewed, so our flame connoisseurs were unable to find extensive enough consumer reviewing to draw a consensus. That said, the Vintage XL Gas Fire Pit Table features many of the same build features and components of other Outdoor Greatroom tables, all of which are reviewed quite highly, so it’s safe to say this is a dependable purchase.

The Verdict

The Vintage XL Gas Fire Pit Table is a unique product on the market. It gets bonus points for the variety of options for customization. We particularly appreciate the optional raised glass guard, which ups the table functionality. The wide table lip also provides plenty of space for drinks and snacks on either end.

Also, we recommend purchasing the vinyl cover with this wooden fire pit table, as the cedar planking is likely less weather-resistant than standard metal builds, but the age and wear in some ways improves the product. All said this is an excellent purchase for those looking for a fire table with a rustic, classic aesthetic.

Vintage XL Linear Gas Fire Pit Table – 4/5 Flames

State of California residents: Be aware that this product (like all fire pit tables) features a Prop-65 Warning

The Flame Connoisseur – Owen

It’s Owen from Fiire, here to give you my opinion on the Vintage XL Linear Gas Fire Pit Table. This is an interesting table, obviously, because it’s made from wood and faux wood tiling, but it also has quite a lot of surface area to function as a table. The glass box casing is quite effective as well, and allows you to avoid worrying about knocking or spilling anything into the flames while still getting that warmth and glow from the fire pit. 

This Vintage XL Linear is more expensive than some tables, at $2,800, but it has a wide burner area and a unique look that pairs well with more earthy outdoor settings. The wooden build isn’t something you’re going to find everywhere, and the raised glass box casing only adds to the package. If a traditional, classic aesthetic is what you’re going for, this wooden fire pit table is a great purchase.