Uptown Black Gas Fire Pit Table

Fire pit tables combine the warmth and light of a traditional campfire fire with the functionality of a table, creating the perfect space to gather friends and family for backyard parties and get-togethers. However, they can also be exquisitely elegant, and the Uptown Black Gas Fire Pit Table is a perfect example of a fire pit table that goes above and beyond, pushing fire tables into the realm of high-class luxury.

Fiire Analysis

Crafted from sturdy granite and stucco, this two-tiered fire pit table has a stout, modern look. The vogue design features a powder-coated aluminum frame, a stucco base, and a top layer finished with granite tiles. The Uptown features simple lines and is engineered to showcase the flame. The long, linear burner produces a stunning, glowing fire, thanks to a high-quality stainless steel Crystal Fire® burner.

A sliding drawer in the base of the unit offers easy storage for your liquid propane tank, and the Uptown Black Gas Fire Pit Table is also compatible with natural gas. The table features a push-button, battery-powered ignition and variable flame control knob on the side.

A vinyl cover is available to provide the Uptown Black Gas Fire Pit Table with additional protection from the elements. The main draw here is the unique two-tiered design. Although a burner cover isn’t included (but is available for an additional $85), the Uptown doesn’t need a cover to function as a table. The lower tier offers plenty of space for holding drinks and hors d’oeuvres and keeps them well out of reach of the flame at the same time.

The Uptown Fire Pit Table will heat up your outdoor space and function as a table at the same time.

Like all Fiire products, the Uptown is designed and built right in the USA by The Outdoor Greatroom Company. It also includes free shipping and a warranty.




What People Say Online

Consumer reviews for the Uptown Black Gas Fire Pit Table are outstanding, with near-unanimous approval of this product online. Customers are particularly impressed with the quality and workmanship of the table and report that it’s definitely worth the price. Unlike some fire pit tables, however, the Uptown requires some setup and is quite heavy, so be prepared for this.

This isn’t a table that you’ll be able to move around your backyard easily. That said, once installed this sturdy fire pit table can live in your outdoor space for a lifetime.

The Verdict

In terms of style and aesthetics, this table is top-of-the-line. The granite-stucco build is both sturdy and elegant, designed with clean simple lines. What’s more, you’re getting an extremely functional package.

The ratio of table surface to burner surface is excellent. The Uptown Black Gas Fire Pit Table features a large stainless steel burner (42” x 12”) but the table itself is a good deal larger than the burner area (64.5” x 24.25”), so there is plenty of space to put drinks and snacks. The two-tiered design increases this functionality since you can place items on the bottom tier without worrying about their proximity to the flame.

All said the Uptown Gas Fire Pit Table is a top-notch luxury fire pit table, with high marks for both aesthetics and functionality. Customers maintain that it’s worth every penny of the $3,513.99 price tag, and the Fiire team agrees. Scroll below for our Flame Connoisseur’s inside take on the Uptown.

Uptown Black Gas Fire Pit Table – 5/5 Flames

State of California residents: Be aware that this product (like all fire pit tables) features a Prop-65 Warning

The Flame Connoisseur – Owen

It’s Owen from Fiire, here to give you my opinion on the Uptown Black Gas Fire Pit Table. This is one of my personal favorite fire pit tables. It’s a bit pricier than some other options, but you get your money’s worth in terms of sheer quality and build. The two-tiered design is perhaps my favorite feature in this table.

The lower layer provides an increased distance from the flames. This lets you place snacks and drinks there without worrying about them spilling into the fire or getting heated by the flames. It also gives the appearance of more surface area.

As such, it doesn’t include a burner cover, but consumers can purchase one for an additional fee, as mentioned above. That said, this isn’t a fire table you should be utilizing a burner cover with. Simply use the vinyl cover to protect it from weather and that’s all you’ll need. 

The Uptown works well as a table and fire pit at the same time, unlike some other tables, which don’t have a lot of space to place items while the burner is in use. While this is a more expensive table than some, at $3500, the Uptown is worth it for the value. Fire pit tables are luxury items. It pays off, in the long run, to go for a more quality product like the Uptown.