Naples Fire Pit Table

Boring old coffee tables are a thing of the past with the Naples Gas Fire Pit Table. This is perhaps the best starter fire pit table we have here on Fiire, due to the extremely low cost and unique design.

This table features a circular stainless steel burner, situated off-center on the rectangular glass tabletop. This way, you can use the table and burner use at the same time. It produces a beautiful glowing fire atop a bed of fire glass or lava rock.

If you’re thinking about getting a fire pit table but aren’t sure where to begin, the Naples Fire Pit Table is a great starting point. Read on for more information.

Fiire Analysis

The Naples Fire Pit Table features an aluminum frame that is both rust and corrosion-resistant, finished with durable, weather-resistant, and hand-woven resin wicker. A rounded black glass top is available to conceal the burner when not in use, matching the black glass tabletop surface. You can also substitute the circular burner for use as an ice tray to store drinks!

The Naples Gas Fire Pit Table is an extremely versatile table. It features a 20” circular Crystal Fire burner set off-center on the 48” x 35.5” black glass table surface. This tabletop features plenty of space to store drinks and appetizers even while the flame is burning. The burner is both UL and cUL listed for safety, as well.

The tightly-woven wicker base hides a standard 20 lb propane tank, so all the hoses and valves are out of sight. That said, the Naples can also be converted to work with natural gas, and a conversion kit is included with purchase. The Naples comes with a standard electronic ignition, so at the push of a button, a beautiful glowing fire will appear atop your glass-filled burner.

Myriad additional customization options are available for this table, from an automatic ignition upgrade ($950) to a raised wind guard for the burner ($250) to a weatherproof cover ($56). Clear, smooth fire glass (10 lb) is also included!

The Naples Gas Fire Pit Table is designed and built right in the USA, by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company, just like all Fiire products. It includes free shipping and a warranty.




What People Say Online

The Naples Gas Fire Pit Table is an extremely highly-reviewed table, perhaps more so than any other on our site. Customers praise the aesthetic and functionality of this table along with the extremely low price, and the fast and easy setup process is another point of praise.

In conclusion, customers say you can’t go wrong with the Naples. Fiire has to agree here. The only thing that we could see turning people off is the wicker aesthetic. If you’re going for a modern, sleek look, there are other fire tables you should check out instead, like the Uptown Black Gas Fire Pit Table.

The Verdict

There’s not much to complain about with the Naples Fire Pit Table, and there’s a lot to praise. For starters, at $948.99 you really can’t find a cheaper fire pit table, and one designed with Outdoor GreatRoom’s quality and attention to detail, right here in the USA.

It’s lightweight and functional, with a burner surface that’s large enough to put out a fair amount of heat (60,000 BTUs) but doesn’t take up all the surface area on the table, leaving plenty of space for drinks and appetizers. As of right now, the Naples is our favorite budget fire table. To sum it all up, the Naples packs all the functionality and high-end design of a more expensive table, and the bed of tempered tumbled glass is a sight to behold.

Naples Gas Fire Pit Table – 5/5 Flames

State of California residents: Be aware that this product (like all fire pit tables) features a Prop-65 Warning.


For those who are wondering, it is safe to use this fire pit table use on a wooden deck. Simply be sure to keep wood and other combustibles at least 24” away from the sides of the burner, 8″ under the burner, and 6 ft over the top of the burner.