Kenwood Linear Dining Height Fire Pit Table

Most fire pit tables have the build of a coffee table, low to the ground, at perhaps knee height or a little higher. What’s interesting about the Kenwood Linear Dining Height Fire Pit Table is, as the name implies, it’s the size of a full-blown dining table. This is a gas fire pit table where you can eat meals and gather your guests. It’s perhaps the most practical table Fiire offers, as the Kenwood is a traditional dining table with a raised fire burner added to the center.

The Kenwood Linear will add a warm look to your outdoor room or space, guaranteed. Read our analysis below.

Fiire Analysis

The Kenwood is something of a combo item since you’ll most likely want to pair it with benches (sold separately) for a full-fledged outdoor dining setup. It features a composite deck top and base, with a powder-coated aluminum frame. The top and base bring a modern aesthetic while remaining quite lightweight (150 lbs) as opposed to many other modern tables that reach well into the 200 lb and higher range.

One of the most exciting features of this table is the raised Crystal Fire® burner. Elevated off the surface of the fire pit table, the burner is UL listed for safety and will wow your guests without a doubt.

A standard 20 lb liquid propane tank fits inside the base of the Kenwood via a small access door, and this table can also be modified to work with natural gas, like most Outdoor Greatroom Company products.

Like all Fiire products, the Kenwood is designed and built right in the USA. It also includes free shipping and a warranty.




What People Say Online

This table isn’t widely reviewed, so our flame connoisseurs were unable to find enough consumer opinion to draw a consensus. That said, the Kenwood Linear Dining Height Fire Pit Table Table features many of the same highly reviewed build features of other Outdoor Greatroom Company tables, so it’s safe to say this is a dependable purchase.

The Verdict

An extremely lightweight, sizable table, the Kenwood Linear Dining Height Fire Pit Table is a stellar fire pit dining table that remains relatively affordable, at $2,848.99. It’s a bit of an investment since you’ll most likely go in for matching Kenwood furniture set, but if you’re looking for an easy to care for fire table that you can serve dinner around, the Kenwood is one of our most affordable choices.

Kenwood Linear Dining Height Fire Pit Table – 5/5 Flames

State of California residents: Be aware that this product (like all fire pit tables) features a Prop-65 Warning

Flame Connoisseur – Owen

Owen from Fiire here talking about the Kenwood Dining Height Fire Pit Table. If you’re looking for a fire table that you can actually have dinner around, the Kenwood is what you want. The unique elevated 12×42 Crystal Fire® burner gives a dining experience similar to eating at a Hibachi grill!

While many fire pit tables are novelty items, or only good for holding desserts or drinks, the Kenwood is a full-fledged piece of dining furniture with an easy to care for composite deck topping and sturdy aluminum frame.