Cove Square Gas Fire Pit Table

This square fire pit table, the Cove Square Gas Fire Pit Table, is honestly more of a fire pit than a table. It’s an excellent fire pit-style centerpiece, but you won’t find it much use as a table. The edges are fairly thin and the Cove sits quite low, at 24 inches. It’s great for holding drinks or other small items, though.

That said, the Cove is one of our best-selling home fire furniture pieces. A burner cover is included with purchase, so the Cove Square Gas Fire Pit Table can work as a small coffee table with the cover on. Read on for our in-depth analysis.

Fiire Analysis

As mentioned above, the Cove Square Gas Fire Pit Table is much smaller than many of the fire pit tables we cover, at 24 inches high and 37 inches wide and long. This table is designed more like a square fire pit, which you can gather guests around. It also has a large (24” x 24”) stainless steel Crystal Fire burner, UL Listed for safety, which takes up almost the entire surface area of the top.

The remainder of the top and sides feature a supercast concrete mold with a natural, organic aesthetic, and a steel base. This fiber concrete allows for pitting and color density variation, making each Cove fire pit table unique. Furthermore, this is a build that will last a long time.

An outward folding hatch conceals a standard 20 lb propane tank inside the base. Natural gas conversion hookups are also available. A grey glass burner cover comes with this gas fire pit table. Tumbled or Black Lava Rock (our personal favorite) can be purchased to fill the burner.

An optional remote control featuring Direct Spark automatic ignition is also available, as is a raised glass wind guard for the 24” x 24” burner ($199.99), and a vinyl cover ($69.99) for weatherproofing.

The wind guard is especially nice. It improves the table functionality of the Cove propane gas fire pit, since it allows you to place drinks and other items on the edges without worrying about proximity to the flames. The wide burner area makes this fire table function like AZ Patio Heaters.

At $2,468.99 this fire pit sits on the middle to upper range of most fire tables, but is extremely durable and will last a lifetime, thanks to the supercast concrete molded structure.

Like all Fiire products, the Cove Square Gas Fire Pit Table is designed and built right in the USA, by The Outdoor Greatroom Company. It includes free shipping and a warranty.




What People Say Online

This gas fire pit table isn’t widely reviewed, so our flame connoisseurs were unable to find extensive enough consumer reviewing to draw a consensus. That said, the Vintage XL Gas Fire Pit Table features many of the same build features and components of other Outdoor Greatroom Company tables. All are reviewed quite highly, so it’s safe to say propane fire pits like the Cove are a dependable purchase.

The Verdict

The Cove Square Gas Fire Pit Table is more fire pit than a table. That said, it’s an excellent outdoor centerpiece to gather friends and family around. This square fire pit table features a wide and deep square burner area and is one of our top fire pits overall here at Fiire. It’s like a mini fire island for your outdoor space, providing endless summer no matter the season.

Cove Square Gas Fire Pit Table – 4/5 Flames

State of California residents: Be aware that this product (like all fire pit tables) features a Prop-65 Warning.

Flame Connoisseur – Owen

Owen here, from Fiire. Don’t be turned off by the small size of the Cove, this is actually one of our top-selling fire pit tables. The supercast concrete mold is exquisite in-person, and unique to each Cove, so your Cove will be distinctly yours.

This is a sturdy table that will hold up well over time and is fully weather-resistant. This square fire pit table works best as a space heater or something like a more traditional fire pit or centerpiece, but with the cover, you can turn it into a table without a problem.