About Us

The invention of fire was perhaps the most pivotal moment in the history of humankind. Humanity changed forever when we first gathered around a flame.

Fires provided warmth, protection, and a way to cook, but most of all, they gave us a place to come together. Across all nations and races, humans have been coming together around flames for thousands and thousands of years. There is something intrinsic in the heat and light of a fire that brings humankind: families, friends, lovers, together.

That’s what Fiire is all about.

Whether fire pits, wood stoves, chimneys, or fireplaces, at Fiire, we’re connoisseurs of the flame.

Fiire products provide a place in your home where you can gather with your loved ones to eat, drink, share stories, and spend time together, just like others around the world have been doing for millennia.

Our Flame Connoisseurs


Owen Clarke

Owen Clarke is a freelance outdoor adventure journalist and a weekly columnist for Rock and Ice and The Outdoor Journal. He has also written for Outside and Travel + Leisure among other magazines.

Having spent hundreds of nights at campfires around the world, from the Sahara to the South Pacific, Owen is particularly interested in how Fiire products bring a taste of the wild into the home space. He is a firm believer in the health benefits (both mental and physical) of fires, and this has led him to his work with Fiire. You can find his work on his website and follow him on Instagram @opops13.

Everyone needs a fire in their life. Find yours at Fiire.io